The Brentwood Century Foundation hosted an art exhibit showcasing successful artists from Brentwood, on Thursday evening, January 25.

The featured artists were: Michael Titus, a landscape photographer, Ralph Fournier, painter and architect, and Cathy Einspanier, a watercolorist. All three were on hand that evening to meet guests and discuss their work.

Michael Titus grew up in Brentwood in the 1960s and '70s and went on to work as a photojournalist for National Geographic, US News & World Report, and the BBC. Since becoming a fine art photographer specializing in landscapes, his work has been exhibited at galleries in Paris, London, Berlin, and New York. Now he runs a photo-tour company that takes photographers to such locations as the American Southwest, the United Kingdom, and Patagonia.

Michael was raised here by his parents Priscilla and John Titus. John was a longtime Brentwood educator and coach. Michael earned an MBA from the University of Arkansas and became an analyst for the Carter Foundation, founded by former President Jimmy Carter. His talent for writing and photography soon came to the attention of the foundation and they had him handle press releases and publicity for the former president.

Michael then worked as a freelancer mostly for US News & World Report, which brought him to the UK and Africa. He covered Africa and the Middle East for 15 years and worked assignments for National Geographic in Germany.

He is the only person to have won the Gruner award for photojournalism twice.

Ralph Fournier, a pioneer of Mid-Century Modern Architecture, flew bombers in WWII and designed thousands of homes for baby boomers in St. Louis and around the country. Ralph and his wife Mary Jane Fournier were a husband-and-wife architectural team. ”...They deserve much of the credit for the St. Louis area’s enduring reputation as a hothouse of midcentury modernism for the masses.“ - Dwell Magazine. Ralph, now in his 90’s is a resident of Brentwood.

Cathy Einspanier paints colorful and whimsical house portraits in watercolor, and is a Brentwood resident. In 2012, she opened her online Etsy shop, Picket Fence Portraits, to offer casual house portraits done from photographs sent to her online shop. In 2014, her portraits caught the eye of HGTV Magazine and were included in a feature on house portraits. Since then, she has been featured in gift guides on the websites of: Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Elle Decor and Golf Digest. Enjoying the novelty of painting houses (and landscaping) from all over the United States and Canada, she still gets excited to see the pictures for a new house to paint.


The foundation is helping to plan events and projects to celebrate Brentwood’s centennial in 2019. Although the focus is on the celebratory events of next year, the foundation is hosting some events this year to educate the public about Brentwood, raise awareness of the work of the foundation, and raise funds for projects planned to mark the city’s milestone. 

Brentwood Sons and Daughters Art Exhibit

Image by Michael Titus

Michael Titus – Photojournalist, Fine Art Photographer

  • Photojournalist for National Geographic, Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report
  • Owner, Photo Tour Pros
  • 2-time winner, Gruner Award for excellence in photojournalism

Painting by Cathy Einspanier

Cathy Einspanier – Watercolorist

  • House portraits featured in Good Housekeeping, Golf Digest, Country Living, HGTV Magazine

Concept Drawing by Ralph Fournier

Ralph Fournier - Architect , Painter

  • Pioneer of Mid-Century Modern Architecture
  • Designed thousands of homes throughout the U.S.
  • Flew bombers in WWII