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The Brentwood Centennial Foundation has additional custom labeled wine and champagne flutes for sale from the Gala. You can purchase for keepsakes, and for use end-of-the year, holiday celebrations.

Pieroth Blue White Sparkling, red Chavalier de Bayard, and white Duca d'Amalfi.

Champagne flutes are also available, and these make very nice keepsakes.

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Pieroth Blue White Sparkling
Duca d'Amalfi
Chavalier de Bayard

Commemorative Coins

Coin frontCoin Front

This beautiful centennial keepsake is blazoned with the Century Foundation logo on one side and the City of Brentwood logo on the other. Comes in a protective acrylic case.

$10 per coin
$5 for shipping & handling

Coins are available for purchase at the main desk at the Brentwood Rec. Center or order them online and we’ll ship them to you.

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Brentwood Historical Society Book

Brentwood Book

Every Town Was Someone's Dream

Stories of Brentwood, Missouri

$20 each
$5 for shipping & handling

Books are available for purchase online only.

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enter your quantities, click submit, and pay through PayPal. Or coins can also be purchased directly at the reception desk at the Brentwood Community Center - 2505 S Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, MO 63144.








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$20 each  

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