Everyone who lives in Brentwood—or has lived in Brentwood—is an important part of our history. That is why we want to hear your personal story. Whether silly, heart-warming or perhaps a little sad, our memories are what truly tell the story of our community.

You can upload, or cut and paste, or send an e-mail with an attachment. Do not worry about spelling or grammar; we can fix that. Space is limited, so we might have to edit for length, but we will be very careful and respectful of your writing.

We also would love to see your photos. You can upload a jpeg here, or attach to an e-mail. Make sure you include pertinent information about the photo; names, date, function (if applicable)—and anything you think is important.

Please share with us, so our Centennial Celebration honestly tells the story of our first 100 years.

To submit a story or image:

1. Fill in all of the contact information.
2. Type in your story or select a file to upload.
3. Select an image file, max size 4mb.
(do not submit copyrighted images)
4. Preview and set crop marks if you want.
5. Add information about you image.
6. Enter the text found in the captcha image.
7. Click on Submit your story.